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Eternal Souls, Evidence of Reincarnation

Have you ever had an unexplained fear or deja-vu when visiting a new place, or met someone who felt strangely familiar the first time you met them? Reincarnation is an idea that has existed around the [...]

Comics in the Classroom, Environmental Lessons Made Fun

Stories shape us, our beliefs and our culture. Those seeking to create a better world must engage in self-reflection and explore the narratives that guide our lives. As we recently learned from Robin Grille, the time [...]

Essencia Makes Walls Talk

Art changes the way we perceive the world. It’s no wonder that large companies spend millions of dollars littering our urban landscapes with billboards. Public murals, in contrast to advertisements, have the ability to teach, inspire, and [...]

I Speak For The Spirit of Water & Those Who Have No Voice

“I can see clearly through the sentimental veil of childhood memories, the voices of my Elders that taught me about the water as a sacred being… I am here to tell you not to forget… that the [...]

A Peaceful World? Consider Childhood Through This Lens…

“How we treat the child, the child will grow up to treat the world” -Pam Leo   It takes an amazing individual to reverse the scars from abuse and neglect. When parents feel loved and supported [...]

Watch! Aztec Respond to Fulfillment of Ancient Prophecy.

Atlachinolli is the power of sacred water combined with sacred fire. Aztec retrace their migrations with Hopi opening the door for global transformation and healing. Everyone, Everywhere, Together. Unify! What is YOUR piece to the puzzle? [...]

Up Against the Wall, Community Healing and Public Art

Prescott, a quaint town surrounded by forests and mountains in Northern Arizona, has seen its fair share of national publicity in recent years. In 2010 the town was caught in the crossfire of a bitterly heated [...]

Everyone is Clothed in Stories!

The clothes you wear, your hair-style, the types of music you like, and the ways you choose to express yourself all tell a story about who you are to the rest of the world. Even your [...]

Teacher and Principal Pressured to Resign Over Students’ Presentation About Fracking

At Evergreen Middle School near Denver, Colorado, young members of Earth Guardians made a presentation and sang a rap which has infuriated local parents and brought angry threats upon the school and the youth. Some are [...]

Dreams: Why We Lust For The Mysterious

Did you ever have an imaginary friend as a child, or know someone who did? Whether it is the medicine man who speaks to plant divas, the child who sees fairies, the inventor who envisions something [...]

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