In the fall of 2012, a group of friends collaborated to organize an internationally synchronized moment of meditation for International Day of Peace 2012. A good friend of mine who had previously supported the Hopi Water-Run Film Project, along with Patrick Kronfli, Founder of Medmob (meditation flashmobs), pulled together a stellar team of activists and luminaries to launch a platform called for December 21, 2012 events across the globe.

Unify has continued to bring together other activists including Idle No More, 1 Billion Rising, Spiritual Elders, activists and artists to bring about positive social change. One year from their initial collaboration, the group came together again for International Day of Peace, and The Unify Story continues to unfold.

This project has amazing potential when you consider the implications of global coherence and the potential of many minds focused together simultaneously around the world for the intention of peace, healing, and transformation.

There are numerous Huffington Post Blogs about the 12-21-2012 event and plenty opportunities for people to get involved in their own locality to organize local events and meetups. Visit to learn more!


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