Culture Collective is all about participation. If you are self-directed, have a vision and some skills, we’d love to collaborate with you. Because we are a nonprofit organization you can also get community service hours or volunteer as an intern for school credit. You can host a benefit in your community, or help us write grants!

Inspiration is Contagious

Culture Collective uses its network of artists and activists to form collaborations which assist in the development and distribution of creative ideas. The Culture Collective website along with regular Huffington Post Blogs and The Collectives network of friends leverages our exposure while growing our success.

Cooperation is Key!

We encourage people to get involved by plugging into a project, or sharing these ideas through their social networks including word-of-mouth, Twitter, Facebook and more. Though the digital age has opened many doors for content creators, the hurdles of marketing and distribution can be a roadblock for reaching your target audience. By combining forces, we expand our reach exponentially. This is community power at work. Each project has different needs, but many have overlapping needs, you can learn more by visiting the “Current Projects” page and scrolling to the bottom. Some general needs listed below.

Needs Include:

-Fund raising campaigns

-Marketing and Publicity

-Web & Graphic Design

-Video Editing

-Write Reviews

-Share with your Social Networks

Donations are greatly appreciated and they are tax-deductible




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