We are floating through an endless sea of stars on a big blue globe in endless galaxy of possibilities and sometimes blending in is just not an option. We are clothed in stories, from the genetics inherited through generations that make our very flesh to the threads we adorn these bodies with. It could be funky, sexy, classy, or retro style, a costume or genuine fashion statement, but sometimes we all need to unleash a whole new expression of the unique individual we are becoming. Music festivals are a place where talented designers, crafters, and artists sell their wears to an audience that loves to push the boundaries of their own imagination. This is the unfolding world of Visionary Art and Culture!

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The clothes you wear, your hair-style, the types of music you like, and the ways you choose to express yourself all tell a story about who you are to the rest of the world. Even your body shape/size/color was inherited through a long lineage of people from different parts of the world. Your ancestors diet, belief systems, and environment helped to shape the way you look and perceive the world today. Each of us embody many stories whether we are aware of what these stories are or not. -Everyone is Clothed in Stories

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Just as you may see an unknown independent artist on the stage blow your mind, you are likely to come across all sorts of other gifted cultural creatives. This includes jewelry-makers, fashion designers, live-painters and more. Slowly these styles make their way into mainstream society. Festival culture, the cross pollination, the open and supportive environment is a force of nature that shapes the world around us with inspiration and hope.

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Maybe it’s a new pair of faerie wings, a steam-punk leather top-hat, or a hot pink marabou feather boa, dressing up is primal and freeing to the spirit. In New Orleans they spend hundreds of hours making appliqué beadwork for Mardi Gras Day. In Indian Country the grandmothers sew elaborate and colorful clothes for pow-wow. The tradition takes endless form but the common thread is the beautification and adornment of the body for celebration and honoring of this magical life that we all share.

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Textile printing has become so advanced that it is now possible to wear Visionary Art. This is beyond a t-shirt with a fancy print, the artwork is printed over every inch of the garment so that you can literally be covered from head to toe. Imagine making your favorite piece of art come to life by wearing it and becoming the vision. It’s like a colorful full-body tattoo that you can take off when you are ready to blend in again after a weekend of being a super hero. This second-skin clothing inspires movement as it stretches and hugs your body while dancing, doing yoga, or exercising.

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Amanda Sage is a Visionary Artist who has been central to the live-painting scene at music festivals around the world. It is no surprise that her designs would find their way into a clothing line that suits the emerging lifestyle of health conscious, celebratory culture. The Galactic Ambassador Collection is now her fourth line of wearable visionary art. In true visionary style, this clothing is eco-friendly with biodegradable packaging. Features include:

  • Original fine art paintings that transcend the canvas.
  • Black light reactive fabric.
  • Each size individually engineered so the design is consistent.
  • Gusset provides flexibility and comfort.
  • Four-way stretch fabric is antibacterial and chafe resistant.
  • Eco friendly fabric made from 79% recycled plastic bottles and 21% spandex.
  • All materials used for printing are recycled post production.
  • Care labels are made of organic cotton.
  • Tag is made from recycled materials and hang from European grown organic hemp twine.
  • Packaging is biodegradable and made from plants.
  • Shipping materials are made from recycled materials.
  • Hand crafted with Love in Los Angeles.

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Planet Earth is an island of life in an endless sea of stars and sometimes ya just need to represent. You don’t need to wait until the next festival to get your regalia, you can now order online. This way you can surprise your friends by suiting up and then putting another outfit over top and stripping down to your super-self when they are least expecting it. Everyone has a Galactic Ambassador inside themselves just waiting to emerge!


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