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Choosing Love Over Fear During Dark Times

The psychological benefits of choosing love in the face of fear are profound. Especially so during times of darkness and division. This can be applied in our personal lives, but it can ripple outward and transform [...]

Tantra, Invoking the Senses, & the Path to Ecstasy

Altered states through fasting, sweating, piercing the body, and psychoactive plants have been sought throughout the ages as ways to liberate consciousness. According to tantra we can attain these states directly through our senses by exploring ecstasy [...]

The Neurobiology of Love & Relationships

Love has an intoxicating effect on us and understanding this mysterious effect from a scientific perspective may help us navigate relationships with a little more clarity. Meditation, self-awareness and good communication skills are paramount to having a [...]

5 Ways to Have the Best Breakup Ever!

It is perhaps one of the most painful things you will ever go through, but you are not alone in this experience. We live in times of rapid change and growth. One hundred years ago the [...]

A Love That’s Louder Than Rage: the Beautiful Revolution

At first I thought… The most powerful thing that you can do for your people, your future, your land, your air, your water is to fight and die for what you believe in. But it’s not [...]

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