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How to Release the Stress Stored in Your Body

Unlocking the ‘Muscle of the Soul’ Do you spend much time sitting in front of a computer, on a plane, or in a car? If so your hips may be locked up, causing you undue stress [...]

How to Boost your Happiness Naturally

Dopamine is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter in our brains associated with pleasure, addiction, and reward [...]

This is Your Brain on Serotonin

Understanding the Cocktail of Chemicals that Fuel our Consciousness: As we dive into the complex and beautiful neurochemical cocktail that fuels our brains, serotonin is a bit of an enigma. Research shows that serotonin plays an important role in regulating mood, appetite, [...]

The Self You Never Knew: Human Microbiome

When many become one, what is the self? We are much more than we realize! There are communities of living organisms sharing your body. A basic understanding of the Human Microbiome can change the way we [...]

The Magical Mind: Placebos Baffle Scientists

Researchers are perplexed by recent studies that have placebos performing very well compared to new and experimental pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile the science of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is echoing what mystics and shaman have been saying forever… we have untold powers to heal [...]

Adjust Your Neurochemistry with MUSIC

Silence is golden but everyone needs a soundtrack to power their lives! There are many mindfulness practices to stimulate inner awareness, increase health, and elevate our mood but there’s is nothing quite like cranking up the tunes and [...]

Transcending your Reptilian Brain

It is a healthy aspiration to choose love over fear as a driving force in our lives. Though this is a good practice, it is important to acknowledge the importance of the fear response. We call [...]

Choosing Love Over Fear During Dark Times

The psychological benefits of choosing love in the face of fear are profound. Especially so during times of darkness and division. This can be applied in our personal lives, but it can ripple outward and transform [...]

Adaptogens, Nature’s Secret for Balancing the Body

Would you like an enhanced immune system, reduced stress, and a slower aging process? Welcome to the wonderful world of adaptogens! These compounds and herbs have the capacity to bring balance to our bodies and, potentially, to our [...]

Tantra, Invoking the Senses, & the Path to Ecstasy

Altered states through fasting, sweating, piercing the body, and psychoactive plants have been sought throughout the ages as ways to liberate consciousness. According to tantra we can attain these states directly through our senses by exploring ecstasy [...]

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