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Choosing Love Over Fear During Dark Times

The psychological benefits of choosing love in the face of fear are profound. Especially so during times of darkness and division. This can be applied in our personal lives, but it can ripple outward and transform [...]

Adaptogens, Nature’s Secret for Balancing the Body

Would you like an enhanced immune system, reduced stress, and a slower aging process? Welcome to the wonderful world of adaptogens! These compounds and herbs have the capacity to bring balance to our bodies and, potentially, to our [...]

Tantra, Invoking the Senses, & the Path to Ecstasy

Altered states through fasting, sweating, piercing the body, and psychoactive plants have been sought throughout the ages as ways to liberate consciousness. According to tantra we can attain these states directly through our senses by exploring ecstasy [...]

Food for the Soul, Medicine for the Mind

With the exception of air and water, food is the most crucial link between us and the natural web of life surrounding us. We ingest a whole bunch from the world around us every day. This [...]

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