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Hōkūle’a and the Story of Island Earth

Lessons of Aloha and Connection With our Ancestors [...]

Healing Cultural Wounds is a Community Effort

Honoring indigenous people and the wisdom they have kept for millennia needs to be a year-round practice. All humans have an indigenous ancestry and for some it is buried in a distant past. Those who practice [...]

Collective Creativity: Bioneers Inspire Global Solutions

A Bioneer is a pioneer for the environment, one who celebrates, honors, and collaborates with the connected web of life that we are part of. The term was coined by the founders of a popular annual [...]

Art Can Heal Cultural Wounds

Colonialism, imperialism, immigration, class warfare, and racism have plagued humanity for generations. We see discussions of these problems on our internet feed, yet we rarely see solutions being offered to address these historical wounds. Waking up [...]

Reversing Global Warming, a Free Online Course by Pachamama Alliance

Many people are overwhelmed and filled with anxiety about climate change, others are still on the fence whether it is human-caused (anthropogenic). One thing is certain, hysteria, polarization, and fighting with your family about who is [...]

Is Your Birth Experience Still Affecting You Today?

Just as a seed contains the blueprint for the life of a plant, the creation story of a human has a profound influence on their life. According to the father of Transpersonal Psychology, Stanislav Grof you are probably more effected [...]

Food for the Soul, Medicine for the Mind

With the exception of air and water, food is the most crucial link between us and the natural web of life surrounding us. We ingest a whole bunch from the world around us every day. This [...]

The Egg Chooses the Sperm

For us humans, along with the complex biological processes and cultural practices that lead to the creation of a new life, there is nothing quite as exciting as the miracle of conception. The relationship between culture [...]

Exploring Intelligence in the Animal Kingdom

I had a life-changing experience in Hawaii recently when we were visited by a whale while kayaking. There is no doubt that this majestic being was coherent, aware of us, and enjoying our company as much [...]

Proposed Telescope in Hawaii puts Larger Questions Under Microscope

It’s about science, religion, the state, indigenous wisdom, the law, colonialism, and our environment yet it is about so much more. The embattled Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on the Big Island of Hawaii has brought forth [...]

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