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Video created with love by Elizabeth Ray, Adil Kassam, Jacob Devaney, Mark Heley, Lisa Clapier, Adam Apollo, and Patrick Kronfli of The Unify Team.

About Author

Jacob blogs for Huffington Post and others in addition to Culture Collective. He specializes in social media, and cross-platform (or trans-media) content and campaigns. Meditation, playing piano, exploring nature, seeing live music, and going to Hopi Dances are some of his passions. As a co-founder of unify.org, Jacob lives for community and believes that we are all interconnected with our own special gift to offer the world.

(12) Readers Comments

  1. YES!!!

  2. A great initiative !

  3. Love Love This!

  4. I would be willing to lend my talents as a electronic music medicine man at events for UNIFY in order to help create a activity (Dancing, body church, movement medicine) that unify’s us!

  5. Love, care and respect. Thank you !!!

  6. Love, care and respect.

  7. Intentions of peace and awakening!!

  8. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 …

  9. I am an artist and would like to share/contribute my art to this great cause….how to do it?

  10. My goal is to have LOVE stickers worldwide
    I started with English….then did Spanish…then Arabic….then Philippino….then German!
    I will have LOVE stickers in every language one day soon…
    I want to get pictures around the world with a love sticker in it…check out my facebook page
    I have pictures around the U.S. and Egypt and soon should have Germany, South Africa, Philippines, Mexico and Brazil….if you can help me…..I would be very grateful…..THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

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