Let’s Distinguish Trump Supporters from Racists

I stand with minorities and was terrified to see election results but I never bought the notion that Trump supporters are all racists. This is not a denial of the very real racism in America today or historically. This is not an apology for Trump or any racially-motivated behavior. This is an introspection into how we might heal an unfortunate situation. Fear is something we instinctually run from but it only resolves when we face it. Here’s a perspective that I hope will help all of us feel empowered and fearless as we greet an uncertain future.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. -Martin Luther King Jr.”

Fight or Flight is Wired into our Biology

Humans have been wired since the beginning of time to respond first and foremost to fear. In the wild this strategy was a matter of life or death, and so our brains developed accordingly. There is a part in our brain called the amygdala, which is literally a switch that shuts off all of our higher reasoning in moments of terror and focuses all our conscious attention on the fight/flight reactionary response. This is why fear is such a great motivator. It is also why advertisers and politicians employ fear to make us buy their product or vote for them.


Unfortunately it works pretty often and the longer we are caught in this place of fear, the less we are able to access our higher thinking capacities. Though we no longer live in the wild we are still bombarded with fearful messaging and this is causing us to not think straight. The results of living this way perpetuates a terrifying world and I think we can all agree that this is what we have created for ourselves.

The Ruling Class will do Whatever it Takes to Keep the People Divided

Election 2016 was probably one of the most divisive chapters in recent American history. We also know that when we are divided as a people we become easy prey for financial and political predators. Regardless of whether there is truth to Hillary’s corruption or Trumps racism there is financial incentive for media-spin and can be used by political campaigns to exploit these stories in order to scare people into voting. This is nothing new in America.


Some of us projected our fear onto one candidate while denying any information that would make our preferred candidate seem fearful (confirmation bias). This is the demon/hero story. For good reason many Americans felt terrified by both Trump and Clinton and just reluctantly opted to vote the less of two evils. This is true for Trump voters as well as Clinton voters, and each equally had a hard time understanding how the other could possibly vote for the enemy candidate.

We can identify with political leaders but over identifying with them or over identifying their followers is problematic. Since Trump won and the great fear around him are issues of misogyny and racism, it is easy to equate everyone who voted for him as misogynists or racists. The media has spent months convincing you that they are, but they certainly are not. Yes, some of them are jerks and they were jerks before Trump came around and now they have a platform thanks to him and the media.


Heroes need Villains

Heroes and villains need each other just like dark and light. Humans often elevate themselves by pushing others down. Trump and Hillary, each with considerable baggage, needed to vilify the other in order to elevate themselves. The leaked Podesta emails showed that the Democrats political strategy included elevating Trump (along with his fearful misogyny and racism) as a “Pied Piper” to create controlled opposition to make Hillary look more presentable and win. Trump vilified Hillary but he also took it further and vilified immigrants to make him look like a protector of Americans who are struggling financially from trade deals that have shipped their jobs to Mexico or overseas. These are advertising techniques and theatrical stunts with real-life repercussions.

These are the same techniques used to justify endless bombings by both Democrats and Republicans to increase profits for weapons industries, one of our largest exports. If we are willing to believe that Trump supporters are all racists, that is just as bad as believing that Muslims are all terrorists. It is like saying that all Hillary supporters celebrate the selling of weapons to oppressive and barbaric regimes like Saudi Arabia (which later end up in the hands of ISIS).

Social, racial, immigration tensions are the root of, and are perpetuated by war. This can be an internal war with our fellow citizens or a full-blown military offensive. These tensions are born of economic inequality, which also breeds fear and division. We are all products of a failing economic system and the sooner we recognize this, the quicker we can change it. It is my opinion that neither candidate presented a solution in this regard and hence the endless mud-slinging.

Generalizations rarely work, nor does identifying with personalities and political parties instead of focusing on actual policies. We have allowed ourselves to be duped into forgetting our own humanity and the humanity of those that are different than us. These are fear tactics used to manipulate the masses but they will stop working when we decide that we will no longer buy these stories.

This is where the political revolution moves from the ballot box to ourselves as individuals. Are we willing to look at our fear, and the hatred it produces? Do we have the courage to face ourselves with love and compassion? This is how love drives out hatred, the way light drives out darkness. What is your greatest fear? It is probably born of something that you love. It may be your family, your life, your environment, justice, your country, your dignity, your racial heritage, your planet, your gender. The fear can become fierceness in your desire to protect these things and that is a beautiful thing when channeled compassionately.


Take Time to reflect, Sink into your Own Heart or Nature

Those who sit on the other side of the political divide have the same fears and loves. The only way you may understand what motivates them is to stop and listen, to see the humanity within them. This is not just about our fellow Americans but our fellow humans around the world. The signs are everywhere. Hatred, fear, and division will never help us address the issues we all commonly face on the planet. War and environmental collapse are terrifying because they threaten all life on the planet but we will only resolve this fear by facing it together.

Inner peace, mental clarity, and compassion are what is needed. Nobody can give it to you, you can’t buy it at the store, there is no instant download, it is a daily practice. I spend countless hours researching and writing about how art, science, and spirituality can be utilized to elevate us without putting others down. I am guilty of the divisive mindset like all of us, so I take walks in nature, meditate, and eat healthy food so that I can be mentally clear. Only from this place can any of us hope to create the better world that we all know is possible.

We need to rage against the economic system that divides us and desecrates our planet, we don’t need to rage against each other. Take some time to listen to your enemy instead of shouting at them, and you may find that their loves and fears are not too different from yours. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that we live in volatile times that are also potent for unprecedented transformation and growth. We have the technology to destroy ourselves or create a better world, what we get will be a reflection of who we have become. Let’s become love and cast our fear to the wind.

Happiness is Letting Go of Outcomes

All of us have had to reconcile when things didn’t go our way, and sometimes that is more important than getting what we originally wanted. Somewhere in our past as children we learned that crying or pouting might just get us that candy bar in the store from Mom. The memory is still there and the urge to try this strategy as adults almost never seems to go away, but it does become less effective as we grow older. Let’s face it… more things seem to not go the way we want them to than actually the other way around, so maybe we can make this aspect of Murphy’s Law work in our favor.

If anything can go wrong, it will… – Murphy’s Law

It’s okay to poke fun at ourselves about it, and maybe occasionally we all need to sneak off and have a private temper tantrum but one of the most respectable things is to see someone handle misfortune gracefully. Grace isn’t about suppressing heart-ache or failure so much as it is about being present and honest about these things while holding your dignity. That’s why we always love stories about the underdog becoming triumphant and how we can empathize when they are not.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.56.42 PM

Choosing to Love Louder

Many years ago my dear friend, Al was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor told him to enroll hospice care because he only had 6 months to live. He decided to ask the woman he loved to marry him, and began planning the wedding instead. After the honeymoon he went in to see his doctor and the cancer was in full remission, he couldn’t believe it, he was actually hoping to get a wrong diagnosis compensation but this wasn’t the case. He told me the story about 10 years later when his cancer had returned to claim his life. He had refused chemotherapy because he didn’t want to have a war going on in his body, he was open to what the cancer had come back to teach him.

He stayed at home during his last months, surrounded by friends until his final breath. I sat up with him once as the whole community took turns doing the hospice work with him. His body withered but he kept his spirit high. One night I jokingly asked him if he could play the part of a dying man for just a minute and he said that was the best joke he heard all day. He said to me:

10 years ago when cancer threatened me, I chose to love louder and it scared the cancer away. If it is coming to take me this time I will have had the last laugh because look at this wonderful party and all my friends coming every day to be with me.

He passed later that month but he must still be smiling because his wisdom continues to inspire everyone who knew him and now maybe you too. He was such a great example of grace in hard times. We’ve heard, “It is the journey not the destination” or “it’s not about winning or losing it’s about how you played the game” and so many other sayings. They have become so cliche’ that we often forget to embody them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.02.55 PM

Changing the World by Choosing Love over Fear

Right now our global community is waking up to the reality that there are potentially catastrophic changes coming to all of us due to climate disruption. With a massive story of unfavorable outcomes on the horizon we are being called more than ever to embody the spiritual wisdom that invites us to remain present, to love fearlessly, and cultivate compassion. This collective evolution in consciousness may reveal a blessing in disguise.

…it is possible to be at peace if you pierce through our false reality, which is based on the idea of life and death, to touch the ultimate dimension in Buddhist thinking, in which energy cannot be created or destroyed. By recognising the inter-connectedness of all life, we can move beyond the idea that we are separate selves and expand our compassion and love in such a way that we take action to protect the Earth. – Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh

Naomi Klein has been showing us that this crisis may be a great opportunity to take a look at things that are not working and change our course in history. Pioneers like Bruce Lipton have illuminated how important it is for our creativity and health to choose love instead of fear as a lens through which we see the world. In my previous post, Will Humanity Choose Love or Fear I write about the science behind this revelation that also includes a profound native prophecy.

To the work you own the right, but not to the results thereof. – First Tenant of Karma Yoga, Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 47

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.05.22 PM

Happiness is Letting Go of Outcomes

Stress is almost always the result of fear, or worrying about outcomes. Peace almost always arises when we can be fully present in the moment. If we make now the destination then we will find that we are already here and outcomes in the future will mean a whole lot less. Right action is its’ own reward, we don’t need to chase dangling carrots.

We might not have this world as we know it forever, but right now the sun is still rising every morning. We have so much that we overlook as we gaze into the future. The solutions we seek may just present themselves effortlessly if we can become fully present and receptive in the moment. If the world ends tomorrow what will it matter if we didn’t take the time to enjoy it today?

*This article originally appeared on Uplift*

World Peace Weekend, a Global Effort

Peace is such a loaded word in so many ways. It can be political, conjuring 60’s flower-power and civil disobedience, or a sleepy term we apply to those who have passed (R.I.P). It is somehow both active and passive at the same time. It is even a bit confusing to some who consider that defending their country is noble and being peaceful is somehow cowardly. Peace is most often noticed after it has been taken away, but we have the ability to tune into it and raise the “volume” of peace if we make a conscious choice to do so. Every year across the planet, thousands of organizations do just that for the International Day of Peace. This year it is being called World Peace Weekend, September 19-21, and people everywhere are recognizing just how deeply humanity desires peace, and the healing medicine that it can bring to our world.

map1Everything that we humans create starts with a seed from somewhere deep within us. Inventions like computers, airplanes, art, and music all somehow emerge from our inner-world of dreams and imagination. This process of making ideas, concepts and abstractions into reality is one of the most amazing things about being human. As our technology has almost allowed us to master, and potentially even destroy the world around us, we all have a long ways to go in order to master the realms within our own being. There is a science to navigating this inner world and it is called meditation. The practical application of using meditation to create positive change is called Subtle Activism.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 7.19.02 AM

We can’t afford to avoid the pink elephant in the room when it comes to peace. It is a very real, and scary realization to consider how hard the war-profiteers are working to manipulate us into endless cycles of destruction, suffering and trauma response. However, it only takes a little bit of self-reflection to also recognize that each of us empower the war profiteers every time we buy their stories of fear and separation. It is easy to believe these stories if we haven’t ever experienced true peace within ourselves, if we have never taken the time to feel the breath of life connecting our inner existence to the planet and the endless galaxies that surround us.

We humans are copycats, we model ourselves off the reflections of those who are around us. If all we ever see are people who are reactionary, defensive, or violent, we may never experience anything beyond that. That’s why global initiatives like International Day of Peace are so important. It puts the concept before us to contemplate, it challenges us to consider what we each may be doing to add to creating peace in the world around us. It is an opportunity for all of us to become an example of the peace we desire in the world, and in doing so we give everyone around us something to experience that rarely ever makes the evening news… Peace!

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 7.49.28 AM

This years global event is focused on the wisdom that we must find peace within us before we can bring it forward into the world around us. Since International Day of Peace is on a Monday, event organizers have decided to make a 3-day weekend out of this years peace celebration. There is an interactive map at www.unify.org that lists the various types of event that are happening across the globe. Thanks to internet, we can now easily go to the map and add our own local event, or find other events happening in our area. This effort strengthens the larger peace network and builds an international community of people who are committed to making peace a priority.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.37.01 PM

UPLIFT has taken a lead role within the large list of organizers this year along with Unify, and Be the Peace. The Mind Unleashed, Sustainable Human, Global Coherence Initiative and many other popular Facebook Pages have stepped up also to help promote, and the growing World Peace Weekend Event Page is quickly approaching 20,000 participants.

The online World Premiere of ‘Inner Peace To World Peace’ starts on Saturday, September 19 at 4pm PST/ 11pm GMT followed by the Global Peace Meditation at 5:00 pm PST / 12:00 Midnight GMT. Then on Sunday September 20th, there will be a wave of live events at starting at 12:00 noon in your time zone. On Monday, September 21st, everyone is encouraged to take peace into the world by forgiving someone in their life. This is a time to commit to raising the vibration of peace now and moving forward in your life.

There is even an event being hosted in Damascus, Syria. Together, everyone, everywhere we will be sending them love and light as we all face the dark horrors of violence and war with courage, love, and a shared resolution to be the peace we seek in this world. If you’d like to read more about the theory behind globally synchronized meditation, check out The Collective Field. Please join this historic evolution as we bring the dream of peace from the depths of our inner selves into the world around us!

Turning Grief Into Compassion & Personal Power

If we have the tools to navigate it in a constructive way, grief can liberate us from fear and help us cultivate a deep sense of compassion. This notion was completely foreign to me for the first half of my life during which time I would unconsciously let my grief become anger and project it at the world around me. We see this same reactive pattern every day in the news though we rarely take the time to dissect and understand it. Unresolved grief is the source of violence and illness, so let’s look at a more healthy approach to this universal human emotion.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.57.22 AM

Grateful for grief?

The idea sounds ridiculous, especially when we are engulfed with darkness. Grief is every bit as powerful as love in it’s ability to shape our lives. We tend to shove it away, put a smile on it and pretend it isn’t there. Though sometimes we need to be “strong” in social situations, developing a close personal presence and relationship with grief will transform it. Just the simple mental switch of considering grief as a teacher can be profound.

I was first introduced to this concept while seeing Tibetan Monk, Palden Gyatso speak at a local event. He had spent years in a Chinese torture camp yet he was filled with love and forgiveness for his experiences. It made me think of all the minor things I have moped and complained about in my life. As I compared my struggles with his I couldn’t help but admire his strength. I realized that it was time for me to learn some new coping skills.

During this time I was introduced to Tonglen Meditation. As I began to open up to my own grief with these new coping tools, the gates blew wide open. Realizing how much I had been ruled by my own fear of grief, I began to enjoy letting myself cry. The practice of Tonglen Meditation made me aware of how often my choices were based on how to avoid grief. Despite our best efforts, grief is unavoidable.

I am not a Tonglen teacher, but there are plenty of good ones out there including Pema Chodron who has a wonderful audio-talk called Good Medicine. The basic concept is simple though… You sit quietly and breathe in all the fear, grief and pain happening in your life. You breathe it right into your heart and feel it with all your senses. When your lungs are full of air, it is time to exhale and let it all go while focusing on a deep and eternal peace. At the end of the exhale you begin to inhale grief again. In this cycle you allow yourself to be like a pump breathing in grief, and breathing out peace.

The other component is that you cultivate the ability to become the observer of this internal process that is universal to all humans. An intimate relationship with grief also allows one to feel connected in a profound way with everyone who has ever lived. It is strange to consider, but grief might be more common than even love…

Mayan Wisdom about Grief

Grief is most often associated with the loss of someone or something that we love. Martin Prechtel speaks of the Mayan wisdom that  considers grief as the highest form of praise. In the Mayan tradition, crying is seen as a form of prayer and tears actually feed our ancestors. When we can be present with our own grief we are less likely to project it in anger or violence onto others, we become compassionate warriors.

We can not expect nations to act on this principle until enough individuals are able to embody it. We don’t want war so we need to cultivate peace within. Grief can be a teacher for the compassion that dissolves violence with love. Many people confuse control and power. Real strength and resilience comes from the personal power of being liberated from fear. I still grieve on occasion, but my fear and anger towards this world has quickly dissipated through these practices.

What if this perspective was part of the global story?

Palden Gyatso changed my world in a very short moment by challenging me to change the way I look at the tough parts in life. I had the pleasure of bringing him to the Hopi Mesas to meet elders and discuss ancient history the day after his talk. He laughed at me a lot as I continued to ask him about prophecy and earth changes.

He assured me over and over that if we are in the right place within our heart nothing can harm us. Coming from an individual who endured torture to speak of compassion and forgiveness, I knew I better listen to what he had to say. So if you are going through grief remember that it will pass. Welcome grief as a teacher and you will become a stronger, more resilient person when it does pass. Like everything, it will pass.

**Post originally appeared at UPLIFT**

To Love Water is to Celebrate Life

Expressing love is the best way to nurture relationships of all forms. When we love our garden we will spend time with it, this will make our plants bloom with vibrancy. When we express love to children they beam with joy and grow into kind, nurturing adults. Everyone has their own way to show love, it is a creative act of honoring, appreciating and connecting. When we don’t show love we see the opposite effect of darkness, violence and despair creep in. Of all the things that connects life on this planet water is perhaps the most important, yet we rarely take time to love water. This is something that we should practice every day. On March 22 people all over the world will gather at local water sources to celebrate, honor, and love this precious resource for World Water Day.

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated 22 March as the first World Water Day. Today, World Water Day is celebrated around the world and each year shining the spotlight on a different issue.  In 2015, the theme for World Water Day is ‘Water and Sustainable Development’. This year’s #lovewater event is global and local with individuals hosting events in their region to honor water and streamed events online.

UnifyUPLIFT, and the Shift Network are hosting a telecast, a globally synchronized meditation, and a live video webcast from the sacred Ganges River in India. Last year there were hundreds of events across the globe where people went to local water sources to celebrate, honor, and love water. By gathering this way people are strengthening their resolve to create healing for our waters and thus healing for all of life. Healing starts with community, it starts with a shared intention and collective action.

The Shift Network Teleseminar runs from 1- 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time, with live feeds from water blessings around the world and conversations with global luminaries on the subject of Water. The Shift Network, empowers a growing global movement of people who are creating an evolutionary shift of consciousness that in turn leads to a more enlightened society, one built on principles of sustainability, peace, health, and prosperity.

At 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time, we go to the UPLIFT Global Webcast which will be linking up with #LoveWater ceremonies happening on the Ganges in Rishikesh, in Oakland’s Lake Merritt, Los Angeles’ Venice Beach and at many other locations around the world.  You can register here. UPLIFT is pioneering globally linked webcasts as a means for people to begin recognizing our shared community around the world. Despite our varied cultural differences we share much in common. Illuminating our collective interests in preserving our planet strengthens the cause for all who are involved.

Then at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time, Unify will host the Global Moment of Synchronization where everyone is invited to join in a collective field of meditation and prayer to #LoveWater, in what we hope will be the largest synchronised meditation so far. There is significant research pointing to the idea that group meditation can effect positive change, and Unify has been hosting globally synchronized meditations since 2012.

This years #lovewater event on #worldwaterday promises to be a powerful catalyst for uniting people to celebrate, honor and take action for our most precious resource, water. Please help spread the word through your networks, join our Facebook Event for updates and register for the online events at Unify. You can read more in a great article by Chip Richards here. Expressing love is the best way to nurture relationships of all forms, on March 22 let’s all love water together.

Global Meditation Celebrates World Spirit Day on December 21

It’s as if humanity has fallen into a great amnesia, forgetting our connection to the land, to each other, to the future and to the past. Organizers of The Unify Global Meditation at 3:03 pm PST on December 21 invite everyone to remember. Filmmaker, Frank Darier Baziere, has created a powerful short video (below) that inspires a beautiful vision of something that is often overlooked and hard to describe, spirit.

The Global Coherence Initiative along with The Heartmath Institute, and The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton have been studying the effects of synchronized meditation and social harmony for many years. Is it possible that A Moment Shared Around the World can actually cause lasting changes in our society? Many people seem to believe so.

Even though we have abused and harmed our environment, nature has kept this essence alive in order for us to one day remember. Join the spirit of the wind, the spirit of the water, the spirit of the earth, the spirit of the infinite energy of the universe. Today you can take action in your life and become the living example of spirit. Remember who you are. Remember where you came from. On December 21, 2014, remember  WE are SPIRIT.

The solstice reminds us of our connection to the dance of the planets and seasons it is a time for family and gathering to to celebrate and give thanks. Across the planet people are waking from this Forgotten Chapter to create a reality that honors our shared connection with all of life. Learn more about World Spirit Day and this growing global community by visiting Unify online.


Spontaneous Acts of Joy in Public Places

Flash mobs are magical spontaneous experiences for those participating and for those unsuspecting onlookers caught in the midst of them. It is a revolutionary act to dance, laugh, and celebrate in the face of all the worlds’ troubles. Peace is not the absence of war it is a creative, joyous expression of gratitude for the gift of life and a desire to share the love. This kind of inspiration is contagious as Peter Sharp and the people of Good Vibrations Barcelona are fully aware of the untapped resource called social joy. On their youtube channel you can see all sorts of beautiful, heart-warming, and playful videos that easily remind you that humanity is full of kindness and love. What creative and unabashed silliness might you dream up in order to break the chaotic cries of gloom with a giggle? Peaceful actions speak louder than words…

Is humanity ready for more acts of peace, love and kindness? This experiment tests the idea by giving peaceful acts to strangers to find out! Share this message if you want the world to live in peace. Much love to The Liberators, Sustainable Human, Unify & MasterPeace for inspiring the work. Music; 1. Let Me Clear My Throat – Dj Kool, 2. The Relate – The Friend Within, 3. Forever (Extended Mix) – Snakehips

Why do we Unify?

The purpose of synchronized meditation.

Unify has been organising globally synchronised meditations for two and a half years, starting with the much prophesized and speculated-about date of December 21, 2012, the Winter Solstice of that year.

June 21 Noon

There are several meditation events that we organise, or participate in, every year, but the largest ones are timed with the four cardinal points of the year, the June and December Solstices and the March and September Equinoxes. At that time people gather together around the world and focus their prayers and meditations collectively as one. Or, as we say, we ‘Unify’! 

Some people gather in physical events where hundreds of people meditate in public spaces, at festivals, or at other locations. A lot of people join in from around the world individually, or in small groups in their homes, gardens, or local parks. Through the power of social media and the internet, we organise across the planet and in dozens of countries and bioregions.

The next one is going to be at Noon, Pacific Time on June 21 and for the first time we have more than 10,000 people committed to meditate at the same time together.

Find your local time for the Unify meditation on June 21 here:  http://bit.ly/1rWCx34

Why do we do this?

Well, firstly, it’s fun. Meditation has many direct health benefits that have been repeatedly proven. It clears the mind, it reduces stress, it allows you to step out of the day-to-day runnings of the world and into the self-existing emptiness that is always there. Meditating can give us new perspectives, creates the room for new insights to come through, and relaxes both the mind and body into an integrated state of functioning. Joining together with other people to meditate reinforces the practice. It can make it easier to sit and just make time to breath, reflect, and be empty for a few moments.


The Health benefits of Meditation: http://huff.to/1eu3fd8

Meditation is also a spiritual practice that has a long tradition, especially in the Eastern religions, although it is not separate from many of the forms of prayer that appear in the Abrahamic religions of the Western world and Middle East. The qualities that can be cultivated through meditation practice include non-attachment, centeredness, mindfulness, and increased compassion.

Join Unify on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/unify

We also Unify because we believe that it makes a difference to the collective consciousness of the planet.

To understand how this works, you need to look at the research that has been done by organisations like Transcendental Meditation on the effects group meditation has on crime rates locally, or the research that the Global Coherence Initiative has done on positive impact of people engaging in meditation can have, not just on those participating, but on everyone around them. No matter what you believe, ‘Unifying’ is still fun, healthy, and may just raise your vibration as well as those of the people around you and the planet as a whole.

Collective consciousness and Meditation:  http://huff.to/1o3iO08


A Moment Shared Around The World, The Collective Field

Amanda Sage Art

“…there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals.” -Carl Jung

Amanda SageIs there a psychic realm of thought, ideas, and imagination that is shared by all humans across space and time? Jung used the term “Collective Unconscious” which infers that there must also be a collective consciousness that individuals everywhere have the ability to tap in to. How might we learn to tune into this well-spring of creativity and personal power to bring healing to ourselves while also assisting our species in a much needed transformation to address the mounting issues of our time?

The Multiple Discovery concept describes the phenomena where, throughout history individuals around the world working independently and without knowledge of each other have made the same discovery at practically the same moment. For many years people thought it was impossible for a runner to break the 4-minute-mile. As soon as Roger Bannister did it, he gave dozens of other athletes ‘permission’ to do the same within the same year. What is apparent is that there is a collective field of thought/belief that dictates, to some degree, what is possible and these limits are continuously being expanded upon.  

Vladimir Vernadsky used the term “Noosphere” to describe the sphere of human thought as a distinct realm that shapes the physical world and thus the life-forms that inhabit it.

In the theory of Vernadsky, the noosphere is the third in a succession of phases of development of the Earth, after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life). Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the geosphere, the emergence of human cognition fundamentally transforms the biosphere. -Wikipedia

With these ideas swirling through ones head in relation to the immense global problems we are facing, it is apparent that a “mind-shift” is in order. Individually and collectively we have the ability to bring about transformation and once again expand our notion of what is possible for humans and our planet. That, in essence, is core to the emerging “Unify Movement”.

Amanda Sage*Paintings Courtesy of Amanda Sage*

Unify invites individuals around the world to “drop-in” simultaneously in moments of meditation, prayer, dance, or ceremony to strengthen the collective field and open possibilities for a gentle resolve to global tensions. We all know what it is like to walk into a room full of tension and anxiety, as pressure builds we can feel the potential for violence to break out. Likewise we know what it feels like to walk into a room that is filled with safety and love. These vibrations or emotions can not be seen yet they are very contagious and contribute greatly to what is created within a given space. When people consciously focus their mindful energy together simultaneously towards increasing the vibration for positive outcomes globally, we can alter the course of history.

The Global Coherence Initiative is an international effort that seeks to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness. GCI conducts groundbreaking research on the interconnection between humanity and Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems. –Global Coherence Initiative Mission

There are many scientific studies currently being conducted on this emerging phenomena. Recent discoveries have shown that humans can change the pH of water through focused intention. Though small this is one of the first empirical studies that shows that we can change physical properties with our thoughts. A leading group of well-respected scientists have come together and presented a Manifesto for Post-Materialistic Science as a solution to the limitations of classical physics. Princeton University is studying the Noosphere through the Global Consciousness Project and it appears that there is more than enough evidence to encourage us to consider the possibilities for collective global moments with focused intention.

The noosphere is global, we are all in the same “room”. The vibrations of fear and violence are powerful and mostly unconscious. The antidote is a conscious, mindful strengthening of the collective field of love, healing, and transformation. Unify is not merely ethereal or mystical, it is a practical response to the situation we find ourselves in right now on the planet. Some say that humanity is doomed to self-destruct and those same people also once said humans could not break the 4-minute-mile. Possibilities are endless, the wave of consciousness and transformation is contagious. Surf’s up, it’s time to BE the change. Join us!

Everyone, Everywhere, Together