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Kathy Eldon, mother of famed Reuters photojournalist Dan Eldon, founded The Creative Visions Foundation with her daughter Amy in honor of Dans life. Dan Eldon, at 22 years of age, published photos of the effects of a devastating famine and civil war in Somalia. His images ignited a public outcry causing The United Nations to get involved and bring aid. Dan Was tragically stoned to death, accidentally caught in the cross-fire on July 12, 1993.

Kathy formed The Creative Visions Foundation to support young creative activists, social entrepreneurs who use media, technology, and the arts to create awareness of environmental, social or cultural issues, and inspire positive change. It is because of Dan, Kathy, Amy, and The Creative Visions Foundation that Culture Collective exists today. Consider how you might take tragic events in your life and turn them into something positive!

In this video, Kathy speaks about her work, about the importance of getting involved, and the power of art and media to change the world.


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I founded Culture Collective and this blog to give voice to the people and projects who are making a positive change in this world. Explore the blog, make posts and I'll do my best to respond. Every person counts, inspiration is contagious, share it!

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