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I Speak For The Spirit of Water & Those Who Have No Voice

“I can see clearly through the sentimental veil of childhood memories, the voices of my Elders that taught me about the water as a sacred being… I am here to tell you not to forget… that the [...]

Unify & Wave of Action Reinvent the Game

It’s not quite your traditional activism, not a political, social, or spiritual movement, it is actually all of the above and that’s why it’s called Unify. It is beautiful, it is inspired, it is inviting, it is [...]

We Are Connected By One Body: Water

What we do to water, we do to ourselves and to all of life. It is the most simple and essential element of our existence, yet so easy to forget its importance. We must give ourselves [...]

A Peaceful World? Consider Childhood Through This Lens…

“How we treat the child, the child will grow up to treat the world” -Pam Leo   It takes an amazing individual to reverse the scars from abuse and neglect. When parents feel loved and supported [...]

Ancient Hopi Tribe Runs 1,600 Miles to Share Epic Message…

There are truths at the foundation of everything we know as a species. The basic and inherent wisdom of a thousand generations can not be altered, but it can be forgotten. Like the water that eternally [...]

Will Global Crises Lead to THIS Beautiful Resolve?

 Everyone, Everywhere, Together | A New World is Being Birthed | Learn More at Unify | on Facebook | or Twitter  Video created with love by Elizabeth Ray, Adil Kassam, Jacob Devaney, Mark Heley, Lisa Clapier, Adam Apollo, and Patrick [...]

Beautiful Uprising: Women Lead in the Dance on Valentines Day

“Today, on the planet, a billion women — one of every three women on the planet — will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. That’s ONE BILLION mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, and friends violated. V-Day [...]

Seed Power, Planting Hope!

The heart of a mighty tree resides in a tiny seed, the mysterious power of seeds pervades every aspect of life. Seeds can be literal, heirloom or GMO. They can be metaphorical seeds of deceit, healing, [...]

Fukushima, Humanity’s Defining Moment

Doctors, scientists, and indigenous elders have a common cause in speaking out about public health regarding Fukushima. Let’s face it. Capitalism, with all its merit, is lacking the ethical integrity required to responsibly handle technologies as [...]

Turn Off, Tune Out, and Drop In, Taking a Moment to Unplug

Timothy Leary’s “Turn on, tune in, and drop out” slogan first shared at The Human Be-In in 1967 has a completely different meaning in our highly technological, mobile, media driven society of today. We are so [...]