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Native Wisdom: Turning Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones

“We all have been through hardships and we all will go through more hardships, every one of us.” Hopi/Seminole Wisdom Keeper, David Washington, shows how art and culture can overcome oppression, how the smallest can defeat [...]

A Peaceful World? Consider Childhood Through This Lens…

“How we treat the child, the child will grow up to treat the world” -Pam Leo   It takes an amazing individual to reverse the scars from abuse and neglect. When parents feel loved and supported [...]

How To Make Learning Fun: Comic Books

The education system often takes the fun out of learning for both students AND teachers. When learning is colorful & playful, students thrive. Native comic-artist Ryan Huna Smith, has some powerful insight into creative ways of engaging [...]

Watch! Aztec Respond to Fulfillment of Ancient Prophecy.

Atlachinolli is the power of sacred water combined with sacred fire. Aztec retrace their migrations with Hopi opening the door for global transformation and healing. Everyone, Everywhere, Together. Unify! What is YOUR piece to the puzzle? [...]

Will Global Crises Lead to THIS Beautiful Resolve?

  Everyone, Everywhere, Together | A New World is Being Birthed | Learn More at Unify | on Facebook | or Twitter Video created with love by Elizabeth Ray, Adil Kassam, Jacob Devaney, Mark Heley, Lisa Clapier, Adam Apollo, and [...]

Dreams: Why We Lust For The Mysterious

Did you ever have an imaginary friend as a child, or know someone who did? Whether it is the medicine man who speaks to plant divas, the child who sees fairies, the inventor who envisions something [...]


The news you are about to read would fold a newspaper, it would shrivel the ratings of any TV news show. Why? Because it is good news, incredibly good news in fact. Ordinarily, many of us [...]

Parenting for A Peaceful World

“How we treat the child, the child will grow up to treat the world” -Pam Leo My interest in creating a better future always has me thinking about children and the world they will inherit. A [...]