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CIA = Cowboy Indian Alliance, History in The Making

When it comes to loving the land, cowboys and indians have a lot in common. When it comes to protecting the land, we are seeing one of the most historic, poetic, and powerful alliances imaginable emerging. [...]

I Speak For The Spirit of Water & Those Who Have No Voice

“I can see clearly through the sentimental veil of childhood memories, the voices of my Elders that taught me about the water as a sacred being… I am here to tell you not to forget… that the [...]

Unify & Wave of Action Reinvent the Game

It’s not quite your traditional activism, not a political, social, or spiritual movement, it is actually all of the above and that’s why it’s called Unify. It is beautiful, it is inspired, it is inviting, it is [...]

We Are Connected By One Body: Water

What we do to water, we do to ourselves and to all of life. It is the most simple and essential element of our existence, yet so easy to forget its importance. We must give ourselves [...]

9 Emerging Artists Present Engaging New Media Dedicated to Water!

When we apply our most cutting-edge technology towards the preservation of, and education about natural resources we will see the world shift in beautiful ways. Move over Youtube! Interlude has an interactive web-based video technology that puts [...]

Water Is Life: This is My Offering

You know the guy or girl? The one whose heart is in the right place, but who is totally negative and unapproachable, screaming at their friends about the dying reality being transmitted through their television. Maybe [...]

Water Connects Us, Soothes Us, Heals Us

The Mississippi is like a giant serpent as it slithers across the land. At it’s mouth the music of Indians and Slaves combine with ancient keepers of indigenous wisdom in feathered and beaded dress. Quetzalcoatl, the [...]

Allied Vision

Our planet is imperiled. This has been clear to me since I was a small child. All of my life I have wanted to “save the planet”, but it wasn’t until I embraced my passion and [...]

Hope Is…

Hopi prophecies speak of a time where every single human will be given the opportunity to choose if they want to live in harmony with Mother Earth or if they will separate themselves and turn their [...]

Concerned About Water? Nature Has The Answers

“Our only hope for a transition to a stable future is one in which we embrace the best in indigenous wisdoms around the world with the legacy of modern biology & ecology. The two combined together [...]